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Sandwich Dad’s All Dressed Sandwich Spread

Hello Friends! I haven’t posted in a while, but I really wanted to share the recipe for this new incredible Sandwich spread I just invented. ALL DRESSED MAYONNAISE!!!!!! It’s all dressed potato chip flavoured mayo. Perfect for sandwiches, burgers, chicken, salads, dips, whatever! Share it far a wide and let’s …

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Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

Encyclopedia of Sandwiches If there is even the smallest, tiniest, single micron thin, silver lining to this past year of being completely shut in, (for me at least) it is a seemingly renewed (or awakened) public interest in sandwiches. This is evidenced best by the viral Encyclopedia of Sandwiches poster. …


On Open Faced

An open faced sandwich is a sandwich that you could easily throw another piece of bread on, but it is so aesthetically pleasing that you end up leaving it off. Whales could breathe air all the time, but then what’s the point of being in the water?

long sandwiches

The Longwiches

Italian sandwiches, Submarines, Heros, Hoagies, Grinders, Wedges, Zeppelins, Jambon Beurre, Dagoberts, and Banh Mi

Also Gatsbys and Po’Boys
They are among the longwiches.  They are those made from bread longer than it is wide, split lengthwise and stuffed with things like meats and sauces and vegetables. They are typically loafwiches, though some may argue they can also be bunwiches, provided the bun has the correct dimensions

Bacon Mania

Since its invention, the club has been one of the ultimate restaurant sandwiches. If a restaurant has a sandwiches section on their menu, i’m pretty sure they’re legally obligated to have some version of a clubhouse. A restaurant’s clubhouse is a reflection of the restaurant itself and its goals and aspirations. Is it the sandwich cut in four with frilly toothpicks through white bread, with over broiled bacon and under ripe tomato with iceberg? Well, you’re either in a classic diner, or a cheap hotel restaurant. Are there seemingly way too many adjectives describing the bread and/or bacon? Is there avocado or aioli? Well then you just may be in a gastro pub there bud.

egg salad sandwich

Here Today, Gone To Mayo

The most popular home version (at least in my home) is Tuna. Tuna comes from a can, it was put there by a man in a factory downtown. If I had my little way I likely would not eat tuna every day, but it’s still great from time to time. I live in the country (residential), and I eat me a lot of tuna.

The Dagwood Sandwich

What is a Dagwood? Let’s not over complicate it. It’s really just any very large sandwich with multiple meats. Sure, you can stretch the definition to include uncut clubhouses and Subway cold cut combos if you wish. I even saw a nice fella on YouTube trying to sell a BELT …