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Now, even I am conflicted about my cold sandwich construction. I prefer my mustard and mayo seperate, but I also like some butter touching the meat because I’m aperently endeavouring to be 300lbs. I also think for cold cuts, if you are using pickles you shouldn’t also use tomatoes, and vice versa, but I often do it anyway. You could take mustard out of the equation completely, but sometimes you really need it. Also, what’s the lettuce even doig? Is it just for looks? It barely adds anything but a protective barrier from mayo to meat. Theres got to be a better way!

character alignment - sandwiches

Character Alignment

Diagonal Cut – Lawful Good This is standard. From restaurants to gas station egg salad, the diagonal is nearly universally agreed upon as the way it should be done. Corners allow easy bites and dipping potential Horizontal Cut – Neutral Good Though diagonal is generally preferred, horizontal remains good, in …

There are a lot of sandwiches out there.

It makes sense. If a sandwiches are anything between two pieces of bread, then the permutations are nearly endless. Even the bread. How many kinds of bread are there? I’m not sure. I haven’t done that research yet. Maybe I could ask Google right now, but that’s a topic that …

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