Sandwich Dad Promo Photo
Sandwich Dad Promo Photo

Once upon a time, I was living in Canada’s largest city, and it was my birthday. I had no family around and all of my friends were at work for the day so I decided to go and buy a gigantic lumberjack sandwich from Safeway for lunch as a present to myself.

After I quick internet search I discovered to my horror that there are no Safeways in Toronto! And this was before every grocery store started making full loaf sandwiches out of their stale French loaves (which can’t be a coincidence).

So, industrious young man as I was then, I rolled up my sleeves and headed for the closest No Frills, determined ot build my own goddamn giant sandwich. I shared it with my friends later that evening and declared that every birthday hence, I would have a giant sandwich rather than a cake. “Most people prefer sandwiches to cake anyway!” I ignorantly proclaimed.

Since that day, people I know began associating me with sandwiches, and that felt pretty good.

Many years went by and I had a bunch of children.

A friend on twitter asked for suggestions for taking a lunch to work, and I, without comment, sent him a video on how to make a bologna sandwich. his reply: “Sandwich dad logging on”.

So here I am. A fairly busy dad who needed a new hobby, and if I’m honest, something to replace the bits of personality I had shed since taking on the dad lifestyle.

I also often work with history, research, and various types of media so I decided to work those thing into it all as well.

So there you have it. The mildly innocuous origin story of Sandwich Dad.

Here are a bunch of my past birthday sandwiches: